Installing Open Broadcaster Software on Fedora

UPDATE: OBS is now in the RPMFusion free repos. In light of this wonderful development, I will no longer provide my repository

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) has recently moved to a multiplatform code base, including Linux support!

However, because of dependencies on software that can only be found in the RPM Fusion repositories, there are no OBS packages in the official Fedora repositories.  For Fedora users, the suggested mode of install is “build from source”, which some people will not want to do.

There is an RPM Fusion wishlist item and review request for it, but, alas, it has been dormant for about a month:

Hopefully this will get in the RPM Fusion repo soon, but until that time, I decided to build the latest version (0.9.1 as of this writing) using the spec file from the SRPM in the bug as a template and create a repo of my own.

Enjoy!  I’ll try to keep the builds current with upstream until such time as RPM Fusion pulls it in.

sudo cp obs.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
sudo yum install obs-studio -y